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Putting your impact in Pure: Home

The Pure impact section allows you to make research impact public. Let people know how your work is affecting, benefiting and changing the world. It can also serve as tool for other researchers through its links to your outputs, and help us internally as we prepare for the next REF cycle (and you don’t have to make everything public). It’s never too early to start tracking your impact in Pure.

If you’ve never used the impact section of Pure before, you might want to look at how to create an impact in the Pure Handbook first.  

  • PURE Impact builds on the outputs, activities and projects that comprise your work, and asks you to articulate where your pathways to impact have led. It allows you to build an impact story, and communicate your research to wider audiences
  • Remember, this is about the impact your research has had, not its potential or pathway to impact. Write your description in the third person, clearly identify the actual change your research has achieved and include evidence to back up your claims.
  • Write for the general public (specialist audiences can always click on the linked research output for a more in-depth view)
  • Pure is for an international audience, so spell out acronyms even if they seem obvious to you, i.e. the NHS
  • Use keywords to create a clear and descriptive title. A good title should indicate what changed, a key stakeholder or stakeholders, and tell us where the impact took place
  • When listing your beneficiaries, combine general categories with specific partners to optimise keyword searches, while also indicating the specific reach/significance of your impact.
  • Describe the research findings that led to this impact. Before an impact is make public in Pure, it needs to link to a 2* research output in the relations section of the profile
  • Identify how the output directly and materially linked to the impact you are claiming. Why wouldn’t the impact have occurred, or how would it have been significantly reduced without this research?
  • Make sure to back up your impact claims by uploading evidence to the evidence section. Upload your impact evidence so it’s ready for REF submission. Evidence doesn’t have to be made visible in the public platform, so you can upload testimonials or other documents you want to include, but don’t want made public.