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Referencing Images for Fashion/Textiles using Harvard

An Academic Librarian guide for image referencing

Hints and tips

You will need to reference your image sources in your work in a list of figures in numerical order. Using the examples below, your list of image sources would look like this:

Figure 1. Valentino (2019) Paris Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2019 womenWGSN [Online]. Available from: https://www-wgsn-com.%20/catwalk_gallery/#gender=2&season=0&city=0&show=55896. [Accessed 6th April 2019]

Figure 2. Zara (2019) Printed dress. Zara [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 3rd July 2019]

Figure 3. Roach, M. (2003) Dr. Martens : the story of an icon [Photograph]. London: Anova Books, p.138

There are Harvard Referencing Guides available for you. 

WGSN image

Valentino Catwalk

In your text (citation): Fig. 1 Valentino (2019)

In your list of figures: Figure 1. Valentino (2019) Paris Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2019 women. WGSN [Online]. Available from: https://www-wgsn-com. /catwalk_gallery/#gender=2&season=0&city=0&show=55896. [Accessed 6th April 2019]


Image from a website

Zara dress

In your text (citation): Fig. 2 Zara (2019)

In your list of figures: Figure 2. Zara (2019) Printed dress. Zara [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 3rd July 2019]

Image from a print book

Doctor Marten boot in cherry red

In your text : Fig. 3 Dr. Martens cherry red boots[n.d.]

In your list of figures: Figure 3. Roach, M. (2003) Dr. Martens : the story of an icon[Photograph]. London: Anova Books, p.138

Image from Instagram

Handmade jacket from Instagram

In your text: Fig. 4 Rowielal (2016)

In your list of figures: Rowielalofficial. (2016) Rowie Lal Women Aloud SS18 Protest Fashion Street style Denim Jacket. Instagram [Online]. Available from [Accessed: 1 November 2018].

Pinterest board

Four dress items in a Pinterest board

In your text: Fig. 6 Price, [n.d.]

In your list of figures: Price, E. [n.d.] Fashion – Vintage Dresses. Pinterest [Online].Available from: (Accessed 9th August 2019)

Pinterest individual image

A dress found on Pinterest

In your text: Fig. 7 The Business of Fashion, [n.d.] 

In your list of figures: The Business of Fashion. [n.d.] Elie Saab - Look 52. Pinterest [Online]. Available  from: (Accessed 9th August 2019)