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Research Data Management

Prior to submitting your Research Proposal, or applying for funding, ensure that you have a robust data management plan in place, it is worth noting that this should be seen as a living document, that can be updated and amended as required throughout the lifecycle of your research project. You can create a Data Management Plan (DMP) using DMPOnline, using your university login details.

Essentials for a Data Management Plan

All data management plans should address the following as a minimum:

Admin Details

Plan Name: Research Project Title Data Management Plan

Plan ID: -

Principal Investigator / Researcher: Student Name

Plan Data Contact:

Plan Description: Data Management Plan for PhD Research Proposal

Institution: University of Northampton

Your ORCID: 1234 1234 1234 1234

Making a Data Management Plan

  • Login to: DMP Online
  • Check your funder’s research data policy; some funders have specific templates
  • The University of Northampton has a template created for non-funded research.

Data Collection

What data will you collect or create?

How will the data be collected or created?

Documentation and Metadata

What documentation and metadata will accompany the data?

Ethics and Legal Compliance

How will you manage any ethical issues?

How will you manage copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues?

Storage and Backup

How will the data be stored and backed up during the research?

How will you manage access and security?

Selection and Preservation

Which data are of long-term value and should be retained, shared, and/or preserved?

What is the long-term preservation plan for the dataset?

Data Sharing

How will you share the data?

Are any restrictions on data sharing required?

Responsibilities and Resources

Who will be responsible for data management?

What resources will you require to deliver your plan?

Sources and contact

If you require further information please email

Information obtained and adapted from:

UK Data Service

Information Commissioners Office.