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Using Microsoft Teams

If you book an online tutorial, your meeting will be held using Microsoft Teams

Why use the Microsoft Teams app?

Downloading the Microsoft Teams app has advantages over joining in the browser, like being able to share your screen with the tutor so you can work together on your assignment. It is quicker to access your tutorial using the app, and you are less likely to accidentally leave the meeting.

To make sure that you have all the tools available in Teams, log in with your University of Northampton login. You can sign in by following the link, opening the meeting in the app and logging in the top right corner.

Access to Teams, as well as many other Microsoft products, is free of charge as a student at University of Northampton.

If you decide to join in a browser, we recommend you use Chrome.

Do I already have the Microsoft Teams app?

If you are using a laptop, you can search to see if you already have the app. Laptops and tablets may have different system search functions.


Click on the icon to open Teams.

Downloading the app

You can download the app in two ways if you have not found it on your device. You can download it from the Microsoft site, which also has options to download it to your phone.

You can also log into the Student Hub and use the IT site to navigate to Software and scroll down to Office 365 (direct link).

If you have any difficulties, visit the IT Helpdesk on the ground floor of the Learning Hub, or raise a ticket in the IT Self Service system.