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Using the Tutorial booking system: Home

How to book a tutorial to see an LLS team

We have a video about booking a tutorial, with written instructions below

Using the online tutorial booking system

If you need a tutorial, you can start with where you want to meet; online or in-person. The next step will be choosing what you would like to talk about. If you aren't sure which to chose then we have a guide that explains more about the titles and, if you are still not sure, we have a form to complete and we will be in touch with you about what you need.

Booking the tutorial

After you have selected where you want to meet and what you want to talk about, you can use the drop-down menu to let us know what you want to talk about in that category:


You can then choose a staff member if you know who you would like to speak to, or pick 'no preference' and you will be allocated someone to talk to:


This process is the same if you are meeting at Waterside or online. Choose the day and time that suits you best and press 'continue' and fill in the form.

Why is it asking me to log in and how do I do it?

After you chose the date and time you want and press continue, a new screen will appear:

The screen that is used by the University to authenticate your account. The same screen is used to log into the Student Hub.

Enter your student number in the top box, and your University password in the bottom box. We have a guide if you have forgotten your password.

What do I do next?

By logging in, your name and email are now already in the form. You must use your University email address and we have information about how to find and use your student email. You can then complete the last boxes on the form:

You need to complete your student number. faculty, course title and year of study. Leaving your mobile phone number is an optional question.

What happens next?

You will then receive an email to address you gave in the form. You can use the attachment to put the appointment in your calendar- just click on the attachment and click 'yes':


For your first appointment, make sure the email isn't caught in your spam folder. It can take up to 30 minutes to receive the email.

If you have booked an online tutorial, you will also see a Microsoft Teams invite in the email:


This link is unique to the meeting. We have some guidance available if you are new to using Microsoft Teams.