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Examples S-T

Example reference formats for different source types

Points to note

Points to note:

  • In all the examples that follow, for simplicity we have demonstrated each example as if citing an author’s work in its entirety, rather than a specific idea. Depending on what you are citing or what you have already included within your written text you may need to also include a page number or just include the year, e.g.: (Eagleton, 1983, p.110) or (1983, p.110) or …Eagleton (1983) writes that… Please refer to the section on citing for detailed guidance
  • Always take your tutors’ preferences on referencing
  • Examples given are for illustrative purposes only and may not relate to actual works
  • You will see a variety of formats for accessed dates in this guide. There is no definitive format for dates, but it is important you are consistent with the format you use.