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Editing a Reading List

To edit an existing list you'll first need to be added as a list contributor or list tutor (owner). To do this follow the instructions given on the ASK US entry, how do I edit a reading list.

Once added you can make edits to the overall list, any sections or any items in the list.

Ensure that your list is associated to the module. To link the list to a module, click on the three dots (ellipsis) to open the reading list options menu and select Link list to module.

Edit the list details by clicking Edit, which is the first option in the list.

Locate edit the list details from the top of the reading list options menu

The section menu gives you the option to edit or copy the section. This will copy the heading and all the resources within it.

Click on the ellipsis to open the open options menu. Select edit section at the top of the list of drop down options or copy section which appears fourth in the list