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Library and Learning Services (LLS) care a lot about you and our services and we have a feedback form ready, or you can email us at with any comments you have. We always want to hear from you and what you think, good and not so good. We are here to make your experience the best we can, make sure you have what you need, when you need it and share our expertise with you at the right time for you. We do not always get it right but we listen to everything you tell us and these are some examples of what we have done to act on what we hear you need...

Did you know...

You can book a personal tutorial with an Academic Librarian, Learning Development tutor or a Language Development Centre tutor. They are all available for online and in person tutorials.

Did you know...

We have an online Chat service, where you can chat with librarian at night, weekends and bank holidays. During the day, you can chat directly with LLS staff. Look out for the speech bubble at the bottom of all LLS web pages.

Did you know...

Library staff are available 8.30am to 6pm at the 2nd floor library enquiry desk or on 01604 893089

Did you know...

80% of library resources online is not enough. We want you to be able to access them however you need and so we offer, whenever we can, to make any document, web page or correspondence in whatever format helps you the most. Please just email us at to let us know.

Responding to the student voice...

You said: that NILE could be improved

We are: rolling out the new, improved, Ultra interface


You said: online learning was sometimes too passive

We have: now added some new interactive tools to NILE


You said: you wanted more e-books

We have: invested heavily in online copies and are 'e-first' wherever possible. This means that if we have the option to buy an e-version of a book we will, and make it as accessible to you as we can


You said: NILE can be confusing

We have: created a new, simpler front page and new self-help options


You said: loan laptops are not reliable

We have: replaced all the laptops that are available for students to borrow


You said: you wanted flexibility in accessing support from Learning Development and Academic Librarians

We have: offered bespoke support and advice and online tutorials. You can meet with a Learning Development Tutor or an Academic Librarian on campus or online, for a quick drop-in or an extended personalised tutorial


You said: you wanted microwaves for student use

We have: installed them at points across the campus


You said: you wanted improved WiFi

We have: extended and improved WiFi across the campus including the Halls and introduced a dedicated gaming network


You said: the security gates were too loud

We have: turned the alarms down


You said: you wanted bookable group study rooms

We have: enabled booking of rooms in the Learning Hub via the Student Portal. More information is available about how to book a room.


You said: you wanted to park at Waterside at the weekend

We have: introduced student parking in Car Park 1 at the weekends 


You said: you wanted more video content on the Skills Hub

We have: reviewed and enhanced all of our video content on the Skills Hub 


You said: many of the links on NELSON were broken or don’t take you to the full text

We aim: to fix every broken link quickly or link to the full text, but sometimes we don’t know of the problem. Please always report broken links as soon as you come across them. You can do this by clicking on the red report button that appears when you try to open a broken one.