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Library and Learning Services (LLS) care a lot about you and our services and we have a feedback form ready, or you can email us at with any comments you have. We always want to hear from you and what you think, good and not so good. We are here to make your experience the best we can, make sure you have what you need, when you need it and share our expertise with you at the right time for you. We do not always get it right but we listen to everything you tell us and these are some examples of what we have done to act on what we hear you need...

Lovely new library desk!

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Did you know...

You can book a personal tutorial with an Academic Librarian, Learning Development tutor or a Language Development Centre tutor. They are all available for online and in-person tutorials.

Did you know...

We have an online Chat service, where you can chat with librarian at night, weekends and bank holidays. During the day, you can chat directly with LLS staff. Look out for the speech bubble at the bottom of all LLS web pages.

Responding to the student voice...

You said: you wanted help improving your digital skills

We have: appointed a Digital Skills Ambassador who provides tutorials for you to book


You said: you wanted to be able to choose between formats when using documents in NILE

We have: added Ally to NILE, that offers various formats for resources


You said: you wanted to know more about using AI in your academic work

We have: created a guide about referencing AI 


You said: you wanted to access e-books when you needed them

We have: automatically upgraded our e-book licenses to make sure you can access books when you need them


You said: you wanted the library to buy the books you want

We have: activated 'Suggest a Book' feature in NELSON


You said: more opportunities to tell us what you need from the library

We will: be holding more Library Help opportunities around campus


You said: to quickly access what you need

We have: used QR codes more consistently around campus


You said: you wanted to be able to ask questions when you need answers

We have: expanded our Library Chat


You said: the security gates were too loud

We have: turned the alarms down


You said: you wanted a more comfortable experience when you want to come and ask a question in person

We have: fitted a new, more accessible, library help desk on the 2nd floor of the Learning Hub


You said: you wanted to be able to book a tutorial easily

We have: made tutorials easier to choose, so you can get the advice you need quickly