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Examples E-I

Example reference formats for different source types

E-book chapter in an edited e-book examples

Format: in text citation  
...exploring the rights of this group of people (Surname, Year, Page).
Format: reference  
Chapter author surname, initials. (Year) Title of chapter. In: Editor’s surname, initials. (ed.) Title of book. Edition. [online]. Publisher, first and last page numbers. Available from: website [Accessed date].

Example: in text citation  
...exploring the rights of this group of people (Palmisano, 2015, p.13).

Example: reference  
Palmisano, G. (2015) The protection of people with Autism in the Framework of the Council of Europe and the European Union. In: Della Fina, and V. Cera, R. (eds.) Protecting the rights of people with autism in the fields of Education and employment [online]. Bucher: Springer, pp. 11-23. Available from: [Accessed 25/01/20].

Note: that ‘in’ is used to link the chapter to the book and the use of page numbers. The year of publication is only given once.