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Compiling your reference list

A UoN Harvard Guide to your reference list

Elements of a reference

There are different types of information which you can use in your reference depending on the source.

  • Author(s)- This is who wrote or created the source. It could be an individual, group of people or an organisation
  • Year of publication- The year the source was published. This may be the edition year, or the copyright © date on a website may give you an indication
  • Title of article/chapter- When you are referring to a section of a bigger piece of work, you may need to give the title of the section that you’re looking at, for example a book chapter
  • Publication title- The name of the source, for example book title or journal name
  • Place of publication- If the source is published, the location may be listed on the source, for example the office address of the book publisher. This should be a town or city, not a country. Use the first place listed 
  • Publisher- Normally a company who has produced the information and made it publicly available
  • Edition or volume information- This is to indicate if it is a part of a series or if a source replaces an earlier copy. A second edition of a book is an update to the first. For example, it may include more or different information to the earlier version. A journal will produce several issues a year, so you need to include the volume and issue number to demonstrate where in the series this source comes from
  • Page span- If you are referring to something within a larger piece of work, for example a book chapter, you should include the first and last page of that section
  • URL or web address- If you have accessed something from the internet, you will need to include the full web address for that information. You can copy and paste this from your browser bar into your reference list.

Remember: note down the complete reference details for any source that you use, whether it is a book, journal article, website or a source that you have photocopied.