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Compiling your reference list

A UoN Harvard Guide to your reference list

Publication information in the frontmatter of a book

Within the first few pages (often blank) of a printed book there are two pages that contain the information you need to cite and reference correctly.

Title page

The title page usually appears on a right hand page. It will usually have:

  • The title of the book, along with any subtitles
  • The author(s)
  • Publisher name (and sometimes place of publication)
  • Edition number
  • Year of publication.

It can also acknowledge non-author contributions, such as an illustrator, photographer or another major contributor.

Reverse title page

The reverse title page, also called the copyright page, has additional information you will need to cite and reference a printed book. It usually appears on a left hand page, opposite or on the reverse of the title page. It usually includes;

  • Full name and address of the publisher
  • Who the work is copyrighted to, or it can just say that the work is copyrighted and the year 
  • British Library Record/ ISBN (International Standard Book Number- a unique number given to every book)
  • First publication year (and any additional years of reprint)
  • List the non-authors who contributed
  • Location of printer
  • Sometimes used to give thanks/ dedicate the work
  • Environmental information about the publisher/ printers commitment to the environment.