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The following document sets out the different areas of responsibility for the three principal stakeholders (excluding students) of PebblePad: the Learning Technology Team; academic staff; the Placements Team.

General issues

The Learning Technology Team will Academic Staff will The Placements Team will
Take the lead on procuring PebblePad* for the University, maintaining and integrating it as part of the NILE suite of learning technologies.    
Maintain links with PebblePad, keep up-to-date with technical developments, attend conferences, SIGs, usergroup meetings, etc.     

* PebblePad typically refers to both the Pebble+ ePortfolio/Personal Learning Space and to ATLAS (Active Teaching, Learning and Assessment Space).

Support and training

The Learning Technology Team will Academic Staff will The Placements Team will
Provide a specific, named Learning Technologist who will be available to train and support staff in those subject areas who wish to use PebblePad. (NB. the learning technologist will vary from subject area to subject area.)    
Provide advice, guidance, and training (scheduled & bespoke, face-to-face & online) to all academic and professional services staff who need to use PebblePad. Provide training to students and mentors.  
Advise and support staff on the design and deployment of complex assets and resources (e.g. workbooks).    
Provide broad/generic training guides and FAQs for staff and students. Provide subject specific training for students and mentors. Make key information available to students on their NILE site.  
Provide first-line** support to staff.    
Provide second-line support to staff and, where necessary, escalate and manage complex support cases to PebblePad support. Maintain a clear line of communication with the Learning Technologist to advise of any problems or queries that arise.  
Provide second-line support to students. Provide first-line support to students.  
Provide second-line support to mentors. Provide first-line support to mentors.  

** First-line support is typically the first person that the user would contact when they have a problem that they can’t resolve using the online guidance. Where first-line support cannot solve the problem (due to it being, for example, highly complex or due to technical failure) first-line support will normally refer it on to second-line support. 


The Learning Technology Team will Academic Staff will The Placements Team will
Create and maintain PebblePad accounts for new and existing users. Provide any information necessary for account creation to the Learning Technology Team. Create and maintain PebblePad accounts for externals/mentors, in Health.
De-provision accounts for expired users based on information in the Student Records System and in accordance with the NILE tools archiving policy and processes.    
  Advise and assist returning students when they return to their studies. Apply an extension for any students needing to continue with their existing workbook(s).  
Add returning students to the new workspace and assist staff as needed with the returning student process. Before returning students recommence with placement, provide learning technologists with the details of students returning from a study break. Including details about which cohort they will join and whether they will start a new workbook or continue using their existing workbook.  
  Inform students about the need to create PebblePad alumni accounts within thirty days of completing their studies if they want to keep their PebblePad assets after graduation.  

Resource creation, workspaces and assignments

The Learning Technology Team will Academic Staff will The Placements Team will
Create ATLAS workspaces, and enrol the tutor who requested the workspace and their students onto it.

Provide information to the Learning Technology Team regarding the creation of ATLAS workspaces and the students who need to be enrolled on them. Tutor who requested the workspace will enrol other members of staff onto the workspace as necessary.

  Create, update and amend workbooks and templates (using the master copies within the subject admin accounts where relevant).  
  Set up and manage assignments in the ATLAS workspace. Including adding extensions for students.  
  Deploy all resources in the workspace to make them available to students.  
Archive finished/completed ATLAS workspaces. Advise Learning Technology Team when ATLAS workspaces can be archived.  

Response timeframes

The Learning Technology Team will Academic Staff will The Placements Team will
Respond to all non-urgent PebblePad support requests within a maximum of three working days. However, where cases are clearly urgent, the response time will normally be within one working day.     

If you require assistance with NILE, please contact LearnTech Support using the NILE Enquiry Form

If you require assistance with PebblePad, please contact PebblePad Support using the PebblePad Contact Form