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Minimum requirements for Capture

Kaltura Capture is compatible with Windows 10 (64bit) and above.

Kaltura Capture is compatible with macOS 10.14 (Mojave) - 11 (Big Sur)

Kaltura Capture is not compatible with mobile devices or Chromebooks.

Minimum memory of 4GB RAM.

Minimum storage of 1GB.

MyMedia is accessible on the latest versions of most mobile and web browsers.

Install Kaltura Capture on Windows

Navigate to on a Chrome desktop browser.

Select Log In and enter your UON username and password to access your MyMedia account.

Select Kaltura Capture from the Add New menu.

Select the Download for Windows link.

Locate the downloaded Capture package in your browser Downloads folder. 

Double-click the downloaded Capture package to begin the Kaltura Capture Setup Wizard.

Select Next.

On the Installation Settings screen click Next.

Click Install to begin the installation process.

Click Finish on the final screen to complete the installation.

The Kaltura Capture recorder is now installed on your Windows device.

Launching Kaltura Capture on Windows


The first time you use Capture, you will need to link it to your MyMedia account.

Select Kaltura Capture from the Add New menu on

A pop-up message will appear and prompt you to Open Kaltura Capture.

Select the tick box to Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app.

Select the Open Kaltura Capture option.

Do NOT select the cancel option.

The Kaltura Capture Recorder will now launch on your Windows desktop device.

In the unlikely event it does not launch, restart your Windows device and follow these steps again.

When you next want to launch Capture, you can find it in your Windows application menu and as a desktop shortcut.

Install Kaltura Capture on a Mac


Log in to on your Mac browser.

Select Kaltura Capture from the Add New drop-down menu.

Select Download for Mac to download the application.

Locate the application in your browser's download folder.

Double click the .dmg file to begin the installation process.

Drag the Kaltura Personal Capture application icon to your applications folder.

The Kaltura Capture software is now installed in your Applications folder.

Kaltura Capture is now ready to use.

Uninstalling Kaltura Capture from Windows or Mac


Warning: Before uninstalling Kaltura Capture, make sure you have uploaded your locally stored recordings to MediaSpace at as failure to do so could result in loss of material.

How to Uninstall Kaltura Capture on Windows

Click on the Windows shortcut key on your keyboard, or on the Start menu and enter Remove in the search box.

Select Add or remove programs from the menu.

This will take you to the Apps & features settings.

Select Kaltura Capture and select the Modify to repair the recorder or Uninstall to remove it from your device.

Follow the onscreen prompts to uninstall Kaltura Capture from your Windows device.


How to uninstall the Capture application from a Mac

Go to Finder and click on the Applications folder.

Drag the Kaltura Capture icon into the Trash bin.

Record with Kaltura Capture 


Launch Kaltura Capture from your desktop or applications menu.

Select or mute the Camera, Screen or Audio icons to customise your recording options.

Select the drop-down menu beneath each recording option to make further choices.

Select the red button on the left side of Capture to start recording.

After a five second countdown your recording will start.

When the recording begins, the duration of your recording is displayed in the minimised Capture recorder.

When you have finished recording, pause your recording or select the stop button.

A pop-up message will ask you to confirm you want to stop your recording.

The following screen enables you to preview your video, edit the default title, provide a description and add searchable tags.

You can choose to Save and Upload your video to your MyMedia account or Save it to your device for upload at a later point.

If you no longer want your recording, you can delete it from your device by selecting the Delete button.

In your Capture Library, you can follow the progress of your upload, delete all uploaded recordings or start a new recording.

You can also select a recording to preview, edit the title and description or add searchable tags.

You can return to your Library at any time by launching the Capture recorder and selecting the Manage link.

Recording PowerPoint with Capture 


Open your PowerPoint slide presentation.

Launch the Kaltura Capture recorder.

Use the drop-down menu beneath the screen icon to select the screen which displays the PowerPoint deck.

Select and customise your Audio and Camera input sources.

Select the red record icon on Capture to begin recording.

Select the Slide Show tab from the PowerPoint menu.

Select From Beginning from the PowerPoint Slide Show tab to begin your presentation.

Narrate your slides and use the keyboard arrow or tab keys to advance your slides.

Select the Stop button on the Capture recorder or select Ctrl+Shift+S to stop the recording.

Exit your PowerPoint presentation by selecting the Esc button on your keyboard.

The Capture recorder should now display a preview of the recording.

Preview your recording by selecting the play icon beneath the video display.

Edit your video title, add a description and use tags to make your video more searchable.

Select Save and Upload to upload your recording to your MyMedia account.

In the Library screen, select the MyMedia link beneath your video to access the recording in your MyMedia account.

If you are logged in to MyMedia, you can playback and review your recording.

Select the burger menu to navigate your recording using your PowerPoint slide deck.

The new Kaltura Capture video recording application has been designed to be accessible to all users. The table below is a list of the keyboard shortcuts you can use as well as the familiar Tab key to navigate the recorder.

Kaltura Capture keyboard shortcuts

Command for Mac / Control for Windows What is the action?
Command or Control+Shift+R Start a recording or Pause a recording
Command or Control+Shift+S Stop a recording
Command or Control+Shift+M Cancel a recording
Command or Control+Shift+C Clear all Notifications
Command or Control+Shift+M Go to your video Management screen


If you are unable to navigate the new recorder using its accessibility features then please contact the Learning Technology team at

How to connect Kaltura Capture to MyMedia


Launch the Capture recorder and select the Manage link.

Select the Information icon.

Check Kaltura Capture is correctly linked to your University of Northampton username.

Check Kaltura Capture is correctly linked to

If Capture is not correctly linked to your username or the correct MediaSpace webpage select Sign Out.

Log in to and select Kaltura Capture from the Add New menu.

Once Kaltura Capture has launched, select the Manage link in the recorder and follow the previous steps again.

Select the Information icon.

Kaltura Capture should now be correctly linked to your username and

Finally, you should Bookmark the new webpage for quick access in future.

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