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Turnitin provides staff with a set of tools for assignment submission, grading and feedback. Turnitin includes a number of features to enhance and streamline the marking process, such as QuickMark Sets, rubrics and grading forms, and an inbuilt audio feedback recorder. Turnitin also provides a report on the originality of the work submitted by students, based on checking for text matches with existing books, papers, websites and papers previously submitted to Turnitin.

Full details of how to use Turnitin are provided in our assessment workflows (see links below).

Turnitin's own help guides are available using the link below.

Using speech-to-text tools with Turnitin

Unfortunately, Turnitin does not support the use of advanced speech-to-text tools such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. Staff attempting to provide written feedback to students via advanced speech-to-text tools such as Dragon will notice a significant slowdown and degradation of the Turnitin Feedback Studio service.

The only speech-to-text tools supported by Turnitin are those which are built in to your computer's operating system or browser extensions. Please see the links below for instructions on how to enable and use these.

Speech-to-text tools built into your operating system

Browser based speech-to-text tools

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