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Information for Staff

Other University supported teaching and learning tools

As well as the various tools that comprise NILE, the following technologies are also available to staff and students to support teaching and learning at the University.

Barco Logo Barco is the wireless presentation tool installed in all teaching and learning spaces at the University. As well as enabling you to project your laptop screen onto the displays in the teaching rooms, it can enable you to run polls and quizzes in the classroom, to take questions from students, and to use a digital whiteboard.

Barco is accessed at:

Log in using your usual University username and password.

Barco is supported by IT Services and the Staff Development team, and full training on Barco is available on the Waterside Teaching Room Training NILE site.

BoB (Box of Broadcasts) is an on demand TV and radio service for education. BoB allows staff and students to record programmes from over 65 free-to-air channels, and search the extensive archive. The recorded programmes are kept indefinitely and added to a growing media archive with all content shared by users across every subscribing institution. Please note that BoB is only available from within the UK.

BoB is accessed at:

Log in using your usual University username and password.

BoB is supported by the Academic Librarians.

LinkedIn Learning Logo

LinkedIn Learning is a library of high-quality online video tutorials. It includes very many self-paced video training courses on almost all software packages used by University of Northampton students, and also offers other courses that focus on the development of academic skills, study skills, digital literacty and various other 'soft skills'.

LinkedIn Learning is accessed at:

Log in using your usual University username and password. More information about how to log in to LinkedIn Learning is available on the University's LinkedIn Learning from UON page.

You can also access and use LinkedIn Learning via the LinkedIn Learning Mobile App.

LinkedIn Learning is supported by the Staff Development team.

Other teaching and learning tools (not supported by the University)

Although not supported by the University, staff may find the following tool(s) helpful.

Mentimeter enables you to interact with your students using real-time voting. No installations or downloads are required, it works on mobile devices, and the free version has unlimited audience, with up to 2 question slides, and up to 5 quiz slides

Mentimeter is available from:

You can find out more about Mentimeter on the LearnTech blog: Are you interested in using an interactive online tool to engage your students?

Camtasia Logo Camtasia is video editing and screen recording software for staff who need additional functionality beyond site licensed video tools. More details and costings for Camtasia are available at:

Useful accessibility tools

Although not officially endorsed or supported by the University, staff may find the following accessibility tools helpful.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader Text to Speech is a text-to-speech tool that you can add to Chrome* and which can then read web content aloud to you.

The free Natural Reader Text to Speech Chrome extension is available from:

Voice In Voice In Voice Typing is a voice-to-text tool that you can add to Chrome* and which can then type the words that you speak. The free Voice In Voice Typing Chrome extension is available from:
Chrome logo Chrome has a number of tools built into it to help with accessibility, including live captions. More information about Chrome's built-in accessibility features are available from:

*Chrome is the recommended browser for accessing NILE and other University of Northampton systems. If you don't already use Chrome, you can find out more about how to download and install it here:

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form