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This site has been designed to introduce you to the tools and resources that will help you to research your assignments.  This guide includes some useful links at the bottom.

Exploring keywords

Before you begin your research, it is worth doing a bit of planning up front. Consider your assignment question and the different search words that relate to this - these are what we would call keywords.

Try and come up with words that are meaningful on their own (words like Impact and Disadvantages are often unhelpful when searching). You can map these out in a way that helps you to carry out your searches and come up with different search strategies. Here is an example search table:

Artificial intelligence Higher Education Learning
AI HE Development
Large Language Models         Universities Students
LLM Education Student learning
Chat GPT University
Google Bard  

From here you can develop meaningful search strategies e.g. Artificial intelligence and Higher Education  /  AI and Universities and Students

Where to search

Books are a good starting point for research, helping you understand concepts, theories and models and to introduce these in your work.  However, journals are key sources in your academic work as they will go into more depth on a topic than books and will give you useful examples and contexts to bring into your work.

You can use NELSON to search the library’s books, e-books, e-journals, videos and more. Sign-in with your University login to access the full-text. If the item is available electronically you’ll see a link to the full-text online. If the content is available in print, you’ll see a shelfmark letting you know where to find the book on the shelf.

NELSON is a broad search tool, so for a more focused search you can search the specialist databases for business directly. You’ll find these listed under the Databases tab on NELSON. You can also use the links below to go directly to the databases that you'll find relevant for your course.

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Useful Databases

Other helpful resources