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A guide to using the RefWorks reference management software.

Creating citations

RefWorks can be used to create citations to go in the main body of your work. This can be used for referencing styles that use an Author, Date system (e.g. UON Harvard, APA). If the referencing style you're using using a numerical, superscript or running notes system (e.g. MHRA, MLA) you should instead add citations in manually on your document. 

1. Select the reference/s that you need to cite from the RefWorks 'All References' section or a RefWorks folder

2. Click 'Create 'Bibliography' and 'Quick Cite' from the top bar

3. Select the reference style you're using (you can search by the name of the referencing style). The main referencing styles in use at the University of Northampton can be found in the 'Institutional Styles' subheading

4. Make sure the reference/s you need to cite are select and click the 'Copy' icon

5. Paste the citations into your work and take a second to make sure they are correctly formatted

6. Check to make sure any remaining elements of your citation are there if needed (e.g. quotation marks, page numbers)