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A guide to using the RefWorks reference management software.

Manually creating references

To add a reference manually:

1. Go the 'All References' section of RefWorks

2. Select the ' + Add ' sign on the top bar

3. Select 'Create new reference' 

4. Select the source type (journal article, book, report etc.) you want to reference using the 'Ref Type' drop down

5. Fill in the fields with the information about your source (Title, Authors etc.) You only need to fill in the fields that are required in your referencing style

6. Select 'Save' in the top right corner to save your reference. 


When to use this option

Manually creating references is only required when you cannot get the information about the source from another platform, for example NELSON or an academic database. If you need to create a reference for a book or journal article it's usually quicker and easier to use an Export option instead. 

Create references manually for non-academic sources you can't find on a database or NELSON (e.g. Government reports), for sources only published in print (e.g. leaflets, posters or presentations) or creating references for specific parts of a source (e.g. a specific chapter in an edited book).